Do not follow pokemonstuffism. Why? They reblog posts and remove captions and art sources in the name of self promotion. They’ve done it to my original posts and to art.

This is just wrong. You just don’t claim anyone’s original thoughts and ideas as your own. Ever. I don’t care…

Okay, so, obviously a lot of you reblogged this today, and I just wanted to say: the blog in question has stopped erasing picture sources, and even started linking to the blog that they reposted from (which isn’t really necessary, in my opinion, but at least they’re going the extra mile). So while he or she was kind of being rude to begin with, obviously they acknowledged that they fucked up and have made a concerted effort to actually do something about it. And I think that’s really important. (And please don’t bully the blog owner, let’s give them a chance to change.)

In case pokemonstuffism happens to see this post - if you ever need help learning how to source pictures, I’m willing to help you figure out how to do all that. There are better ways to gain followers than to hijack posts and erase sources, I promise.